One Week in Maui

  1. Deb Babcock says:

    Fabulous trip! So glad you enjoyed Maui. The food is amazing as well as the fresh fish and puu puu platters! . My friend ( “painter of paradise” Diane Snoey Appler/ sorry you missed meeting her) frequents the Monkey Pod restaurant and has the exact recipe for the mai tai. I hope you were able to try a traditional plate lunch somewhere! Your sunset cruise was the best gift you could have given your mom! One week doesn’t seem long enough! Great photos and great recommendations! Maui is no ka oi!

    • Merissa De Falcis says:

      Thank you so much Deb! We really enjoyed your recommendations especially Grandma’s Coffee House!
      We hope to go back someday soon!

  2. Merissa De Falcis says:

    Thank you so much Deb! We loved our trip!! We loved the mai tais and my mom loved Grandma’s Coffee House! I hope to go back sometime soon!

  3. Thanks for sharing, So many memories & was
    nice to view through your experiences. I guess
    Uncle James & I spent 7 – 8 months there. split into
    several trips. Thank you so much for giving us
    the gift of walking down memory lane. Beautiful
    pictures. Love you, Aunt Judy

    • Merissa De Falcis says:

      Thank you!! We are so thankful for your recommendations! We had an amazing trip 🙂

  4. Aunt Susie says:

    What a gift to be able to take these beautiful photos and share your experiences. We enjoyed traveling with you both.
    Love you!
    Aunt Susie

  5. Désirée Jolley says:

    You did an exceptional job of transporting us to this great island that is full of adventures!! If anyone is planning a trip to Maui this is a must read!! My goodness, all someone would need to do is pack their bags! Everything else has already been planned out for you! Travel tips, food, lodging, beaches, tourist sights and even a “what to bring” section!
    Where is my bag? I am ready to go!!!!
    Another great job, Merissa!!!

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